The band Ted Marengos was formed in early 2011 by the 3 Starace brothers Julio (vocals & Guitar), Luiz (Bass & Vocals) and Thomaz (Drums & Vocals). Their first album ¨Firstprints¨ launched in 2014 with influences taken from Classic rock, Blues, Folk and Country. Within a short period of time the band was touring around the world and in their native Brazil. 
With a more organic & Retro sound they released their second album ¨Lifts¨ in 2017, Recorded in Brooklin, NYC using completely analogical equipment, as so many of their influences did in the past. 
Their 3rd album ¨Timeless Beat¨ launched in 2019 coincided with their 2nd US tour playing 32 shows in 40 days covering more than 17,000km around America. The album talks about crises of love & relationships and the expansion of human consciousness. The band had huge success on their 2019 US tour and where planning to make a new 3rd expanded tour in 2020 before the pandemic arrived and scuppered their plans.



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