The band Ted Marengos was formed in early 2011 by the 3 Starace brothers Julio (vocals & Guitar), Luiz (Bass & Vocals) and Thomaz (Drums & Vocals). Their first album ¨Firstprints¨ launched in 2014 with influences taken from Classic rock, Blues, Folk and Country. Within a short period of time the band was touring around the world and in their native Brazil. 
With a more organic & Retro sound they released their second album ¨Lifts¨ in 2017, Recorded in Brooklin, NYC using completely analogical equipment, as so many of their influences did in the past. 
Their 3rd album ¨Timeless Beat¨ launched in 2019 coincided with their 2nd US tour playing 32 shows in 40 days covering more than 17,000km around America. The album talks about crises of love & relationships and the expansion of human consciousness. The band had huge success on their 2019 US tour and where planning to make a new 3rd expanded tour in 2020 before the pandemic arrived and scuppered their plans.


Ted Marengos has performed throughout Brazil, and has also played in a number of cities throughout the world, receiving much praise for their live sets. The band held the “Dare From Brazil” tour, playing 40 shows in 80 days, in cities like London, New York, Nashville and Los Angeles.



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