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Rock n Roll To You

This Girl

Back Home Someday

Somewhere Else


Hey My Friend (Recycle Yourself)

Like Roses

Blue Wing

Ted Marengo

On My Heart's Door

Under The Waterfall 

Waiting For The Sun To Rise


Julio Pimentel - Guitar

Luiz Pimentel - Bass

Thomaz Pimentel - Drums

Piti Knoepfelmacher - Lead Guitar

Mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Geoff Pesche

Produced by Mauricio Cersosimo and Ted Marengos

Beto Ianicelli produced "Hey My Friend"/ "Waiting For The Sun To Rise"

Pedro Montagnana - piano/organ

Paulinho Dias - flute

Cover art - Gabriel Gakas

CD - Firstprints

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