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1 - The Devil's Got No Name

2 - Drifting Off The Top Off The World

3 - When The Light Has Gone

4 - Do You Hear What I Say?

5 - Another Lonely Man

6 - Don't Try To Stop Me

7 - Bataclan

8 - The Ground That I'm Living

9 - I Can Learn

10 - Disteressed


Julio Starace 

Luiz Pimentel

Tiago Poletto

Thomaz Pimentel


Produced by Mauricio Cersosimo, Pedro Montagnana and Ted Marengos

Mixed by Mauricio Cersosimo

Engineer: Mauricio Cersosimo and Tim Hatfield

Assistant Engineer: Ian Lavely and Mario Viele

Mastered by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering

Engineer for Lillie Mae Rische on "Another Lonely Man" and "The Ground That I'm Living": Logan Matheny Crema at Big Light Studio

Recorded at Cowboy Technichal Services, New York, USA - 2016

Cover art: Gian Paolo La Barbera

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